TWO-WAY Service Inc.
1428 Wayne Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44107, Tel. 216-221-2235

Wired and Wireless Communications
--serving Cleveland, Northeast Ohio, and parts of Florida

Attention Contractors and Architects!
We specialize in rentals of handheld and mobile radios for
short-term and long-term area construction projects.

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Two-Way Radio
WAYCO RADIO Compact Handheld!
Handheld Radios and Base Stations
Synthesized and Crystal-Controlled Radios
Computer-Controlled and Programmed Radios
Repeater Systems and Trunked Radio Networks
Private Sector and Public Service ---complete vehicle re-installations

Commercial/Residential Installations and Service
Private Telephone Networks
Fiber Optics
Cable TV and Coax systems
CAT-5, CAT-6 and Voice-Over-IP Network Systems.

Scientific & Industrial Equipment
Broadcast Plant Construction and Maintenance
ISM: Industrial-Scientific-Medical RF Generators
Dielectric Heating Generators and RF Furnaces
Component-level Repair of Electronic Test Equipment
Custom fabrication and restoration to keep "obsolete" equipment running
--going beyond "standard repairs" to special upgrades and re-design when needed!
Surveilance and Special Operations
Video Surveilance, Minicams, Body "wires"
--- "deBugging" ---
Radio Interference Location and Countermeasures
Local, State, and Federal --references upon request

Click here for news about our compact, affordable, Handheld!

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